HELIOS Orange edition iNUVIO

Asseco Solutions company has been listening carefully to its customers needs, that have initially been an inspiration for the creation of the company, and and at the beginning of this year officially introduced a new addition of the vastly popular information system HELIOS Orange under the new name HELIOS Orange iNUVIO edition.

This new addition shares the same quality of the HELIOS Orange system furthermore offerring its users a completely new and INNOVATIVE access to important data. Apart from a new modern design it brings and extensive range of functional features and enhancements, that will speed up the user's every day work. INDIVIDUAL interface of the system can be fully adapted to one’s needs and working habits.

Integrated Business Intelligence solution (BI) is another huge enhancement of the new edition. It provides its users a complete an effective approach to working methodology dealing with company data and provides an immediate support for decision-making and company management.

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HELIOS Orange iNUVIO edition is:


Brand new ergonomic user interface provides its user more comfortable, pleasant and easier system control. Higher speed and clarity is reached thanks to new features such as new dashboards, full text search or entirely redesigned navigation.



The interface of the platform can be entirely customised by the user to match his working habits. A highly pleasant and personified user interface is available thanks to new features enabling the definition of an individual working environment in terms of its content and its design.



Accessibility of key information in the right form is a basic requirement for making correct decisions fast. The system assesses information and by using its internal tools (i.e. predictive analysis or Business Intelligence) it provides the user with key data for successful decision making.



Not only a type of a piece of information, but also information delivery in the right time is a key precondition to its subsequent processing. HELIOS Orange iNUVIO edition brings many new features (for example a notification centre) enabling informing the user in the best possible time and way.



HELIOS Orange is „iN“

The iNUVIO edition brings a vast strange of additional features added to the system based on our customers feedback. And all that has been done while considering the latest trends and technologies. Considerable innovations have been put in place not only on the system control and reporting levels but most of all many new features have been added in separate system agendas.

The platform works with a Business Intelligence solution (BI) which allows a teasers be complete and effective approach to working with company data. Such data have great impact on the results of strategic decisions and thus directly influences the company’s overall success. BI is a native part of the HELIOS Orange iNUVIO edition which is more affective from the process point of view and furthermore it is not necessary to buy third-party solutions for a much higher price. BI contained in the iNUVIO edition covers completely the entire reporting cycle, beginning with the data collection from various sources all the way to its presentation to the end user.



Why HELIOS Orange in iNUVIO edition?

We have selected top 10 reasons for you:

  1. Full - featured rich and intuitive CRM.
  2. Modern and fully integrated Business Intelligence solution.
  3. Insolvency register for an employee or an organization.
  4. Enhanced workflow with multiple database installations (bulk changes, copying etc.)
  5. Consequence predictive analysis tool.
  6. The option to change the design of the user interface and full editing of all editors (forms) within the system.
  7. Entirely new tools for approval, notifications and communications within the system.
  8. Many new pre-designed widgets within the Dashboards.
  9. Advanced features of administration and visualisation of a margin for the goods.
  10. Direct publication of data from HELIOS onto the web.