Gatema WMS

Gatema WMS, the system for warehouse control presents a complex online solution for automation of warehouse processes within different types of businesses. The range of use starts from small warehouses or units with one mobile terminal to large logistics centres with numerous simultaneously working devices.

Within complex solution, we provide analysis and design of processes including a supply of complete HW and Wi-Fi networks.


Gatema WMS

GATEMA WMS solution covers the following processes:

• the creation of delivered orders and its distribution to suppliers.
• receipt records including storing to storage positions with synchronous coverage of issued orders
• ex-stock dispensation with the possibility of multi-layer evidence connected to order or dispatching order
• navigation of operators for optimal passage through warehouse
• full support of production charges, serial numbers, expiration dates
• the connection of all processes to production orders
• stock-taking in connection to locations, charges, expirations
• continuous stock-takings
• the possibility of paper-free bookkeeping including electronically recorded signatures and photos
• work with logistic (handling) units, multi-level packaging
• deispensation, truck sales, a collection of orders in ther field





Start - mobile storekeeper

Simple basic  system for stock records on item operation using mobile terminals. Thanks to its price policy it is intended for easy and simple and cost-effective start in electronic control of warehouses.

Key benefits

• favourable price for lower number of users
• quick availability
• renowned and proven Gatema WMS environment
• easy upgrade to Gatema WMS - full compatibility

Target group

• smaller business units
• service organizations
• distribution of spare parts
• smaller e-shops
• production companies
• installation companies
• anyone who has been hesitating so far



Used HW

Mobile terminals

Mobile terminals are used for SW Gatema WMS, Gatema MSS or Gatema MES  - module Simplified Workshop Records.

We deliver and recommend mobile terminals Zebra (Symbol) as a structural assortment of mobile terminals. However, in case of your interest, we can prepare an offer for terminals of other producers  (Datalogic, Honeywell...).

Zebra MC33N0 terminals with large 4 inch color display. They have a powerful processor, extended memory, Android operating system. Among other things, it offers reliable barcode scanning in the most demanding environments - scratched, dirty, poorly printed, or under shrink wrap.

Zebra MC93N0 top product within wireless mobile terminals. Suitable for use even in complex industrial applications, for work in dusty and rainy environment. High battery capacity of 3.6V, 7000mAh and fast charging

Zebra TC8000 new generation industrial terminal it features top code readers and unique ergonomy saving time significantly during code reading.

Zebra TC51 / TC56 is an Android-powered touchscreen terminal that looks like a smart phone, but is built for use in harsh industrial environments. It can also be operated with gloves, the water-sprinkled display works just as dry.

Zebra TC20 / TC25 is an Android-powered touchscreen terminal that looks like a smart phone but is built for use in a demanding industrial environment. Withstands repeated falls from a height of 1.2 to tiles.